Six Puns Month Thirteen: Ivory

Here’s the tooth: if you want to make a dent in a hard food preparation exam, you have know how to poach some eggs. It may seem like a mammoth task, but it’s worth it, even if that student with the wart hogs all the attention.

Six Puns: We tower above the rest (kind of).

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Six Puns Month Twelve: February

Last month’s puns are overdue, yes, but I’ve had a cold, so don’t leap to conclusions. There have been times where I’ve been a loon or knew years where I’ve been working harder than others,  for weak jokes are something I can’t stand. Anyway, sorry about the February puns in March. Apply now for conciliatory pork burgers —  you know, ground hogs.

Six Puns: How do you get away from puns about February? March.

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Six Puns Month Eleven: Buoyancy

“The parade float would never see water, being the parade is being held in the desert.” said the organizer. “This forces us to only look out for things like dents and sub par construction.”

Six Puns: Buoyancy puns keeping you up? Have some coffee (and a sinker)!


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Six Puns Month Ten: Ceramics

Lobster bisque? Doughnuts with some glaze? Better bone up on your restaurant skills, so you can earn a lot, and you won’t get fired.

Six Puns: Ever hear of a clay dress? Get it out of the earth and wear. 

Thanks for reading in Six Puns in 2015. There was no drama, so Let’s make 2016 a play on words!

Happy New Year!



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Six Puns Month Nine: Freeze Drying

I scream, you scream that you know your material cold, it’s the only way to earn your keep. There are so many good things in store for you, so keep that dry sense of humor.

Six Puns: Pear-ish: a pear. Non pear-ish: a bull.

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Six Puns Month Eight: Navigation

Can anyone here see the future, or have the drive to get an advanced degree? Can you give me some directions on to how to do it? Well, maybe it might cost me, but if you are not having a sale, you are free to raid our refrigerator.

Six Puns: With navigation puns, who knows what you can a-compass!


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Six Puns Month Seven: Eagles

“This is a golden opportunity to be crowned a victor in this martial arts competition,” said the bald karate instructor, “I hope you’re not sore, that won’t fly with the judges.”

Six Puns: Words of a feather, flock toge–ah, you know what I mean.

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Six Puns Month Six: Crocodiles

Weighed on the scale of difficult things to do, telling a tale about missing computer bytes is a snap, and that’s the tooth.

Six puns: We pun this town!

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Six Puns Month Five: Conifers

“Whatever youse guys read would tell me a lot about these furs,” said the opportunistic Brooklynite, “whether I have to spruce them up or branch out to our supplier is something I need to know soon.”

Six Puns: Pining for more puns? Join us next month!

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Six Puns Month Four: Vandalism

“There’s a tag on that sack of potatoes, but the writing is on the wall,” said the detective, “that’s where we are, son. We have counterfeit potatoes here, ones that won’t spoil easy but instead paint a picture of corruption.”

Six Puns: More puns July 26th.


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