Six Puns Month Four: Vandalism

“There’s a tag on that sack of potatoes, but the writing is on the wall,” said the detective, “that’s where we are, son. We have counterfeit potatoes here, ones that won’t spoil easy but instead paint a picture of corruption.”

Six Puns: More puns July 26th.


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5 Responses to Six Puns Month Four: Vandalism

  1. Dave says:

    More grass uprooted by unknowns, and thrown everywhere. The entire landscape has been soiled! We need to get a little law-n order. I don’t think it was the same culprits who threw rocks at the trains. They claimed they were railroaded in to a life of crime, and we were keeping track of them, any way.

  2. billgncs says:

    if a Frenchman gets a tattoo – better on the shoulder, not de face ?

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