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Six Puns Day Six Hundred Sixty Two: Credit Cards

“The lone rhinoceros started to charge, but the lions did not lose their balance.” said Bill, the tour guide, in his account of events in the savanna. Six Puns: Generates interest!  

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Six Puns Day Three Hundred Ninety Eight: Socioeconomics

“There won’t be any class today, the computers aren’t working,” said the teacher. “You can lower your guard about taking that state capital test and go to the baseball game. You can even sit in the upper decks and cheer … Continue reading

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Six Puns Day Three Hundred Ninety Six: Investment Options

“I hope you will take stock in our collective futures, our interests are what bond us together,” said one of the college students. “That’s a fair assessment of the situation,” replied the Professor. “I guess the feeling is mutual.”

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