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Six Puns Day Nine Hundred Fifty Two: Logarithms

“If you can make a solid base out of a log of wood, you can tell your ex that there’s no reason why there should be hard feelings,” said the counselor, “though you might have to turn the tables a bit.” Six … Continue reading

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Six Puns Day Nine Hundred Twenty Five: Cubes

“Don’t be a square,” the gang leader sighed, “I’ve gone great lengths to make sure every facet of your life doesn’t change with us. If your foes approach you, you’ll never feel cornered.” Six Puns: Reading puns? This is an … Continue reading

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Six Puns Day Seven Hundred Forty: Fractions

“There may be a part in your hair, but at least there’s not a hole in your head,” said the hairdresser. “I think you should visit another division of our company, though. It’s not a radical change, so no reason … Continue reading

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Six Puns Day Four Hundred Twenty Four: Angles

You should get the point, everyone has a right to their own opinion, but sometimes facts are off by a few degrees. Like when Joan of Arc lived, or when manta rays are big enough to carry a cute baby … Continue reading

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