It’s six puns a day!


80 Responses to About

  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog! What fun little reads!

  2. skd says:

    Why don’t you compile them and publish a book. They are too good .

  3. Dave says:

    I just dropped by to see if there was still an echo in here………..there is.

    • sixpuns says:

      Hey, there’s no echo, but plenty of puns! I have been considering working on making some compilation or even starting up the old pun-machine again, but I’m liking how the I feel right now without worrying about deadlines. I can’t tell you if I will start up again or not, but if I do it will be on a much more limited basis…still thanks for stopping by, Dave, as long as I know these puns are gone but not forgotten(!)

      • Dave says:

        Perhaps a more casual page like this without the daily expectations. You could call it ‘Pun & Recreation’ or, ‘Punning Is A Wordly Affair’ Maybe, ‘If you can’t pass; Punt!’

        Let me know!


      • sixpuns says:

        Certainly, in fact, check here tomorrow, there might just be something!

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