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Six Puns Month Eight: Navigation

Can anyone here see the future, or have the drive to get an advanced degree? Can you give me some directions on to how to do it? Well, maybe it might cost me, but if you are not having a … Continue reading

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Six Puns Month Two: Crop Circles

Last month’s puns weren’t corny enough for you? It’s funny how the laughs crop up here and there, (though that concept is alien to me) but I wouldn’t trust anybody who reads into it too much. Maybe there is a grain … Continue reading

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Six Puns Day Nine Hundred Forty Eight: Wheelbarrows

“This roll is hard to handle,” said the baker, “but get a load of my bank balance, we should be able to put a hold on saving for now.” Six Puns: The pun has spoke for itself.

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Six Puns Day Nine Hundred Forty Seven: Sinks

The professor chose from his selection of pipes. “I don’t want to drain our resources,” he said as he puffed away, “but our current studies suggest when tap and cha-cha dancers stopped dancing, the whole mood of an event can change.” Six Puns: … Continue reading

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Six Puns Nine Hundred Fifteen: Sleds

“There’s nothing to bargain about here,” said the shopkeeper, “the deals are just the same here as they are on the flyer.” “Oh come on,” said Suzie, “if you let the price of your hiking boots slide, that frees you from … Continue reading

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Six Puns Day Eight Hundred Seventy Four: Welding

Noah’s ark wasn’t exactly a gas, as there were frequent quarrels where sparks would fly. Noah’s pub, though, was a seriously fun joint where you could meet a new flame. Six Puns: Coppery, silvery, and irony.

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Six Puns Day Eight Hundred Seventy Three: Prisms

“It’s about time you reflect on days of old, the various angles of debate, interspersed with light humor,” said the veteran lawyer to the graduates. “I peer amid this crowd and see many young faces who might try angles I … Continue reading

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