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Six Puns Day Six Hundred Eighty Two: Buffets

“Surely if your memory serves you, you will have this math stuff down cold,” said the teacher. “Sue, she knows a lot, and tries her finger at a lot of new equations, not the least to cater to the changes … Continue reading

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Six Puns Day Six Hundred Eighty One: Charts

Let nothing bar you from enjoying yourself at the improv, even if you forget a line or two. Things should flow just fine, keep everything under control and it’ll be a smooth run. Six Puns: Chart puns? Some say they … Continue reading

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Six Puns Day Six Hundred Eighty: Tape Recorders

“If you wish to fast, forward all your donations to the children’s organization,” said the preacher.  “They will be able stop hunger and provide the kids a place to play. That will get them on the right track to a … Continue reading

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Six Puns Day Seven Hundred Seventy Nine: Dust

“If this part tickles your fancy, don’t blow the audition,” said the stage manager. “At the same time, don’t storm through it either, the last group of actors used the atmosphere they had here to give the greatest performance that … Continue reading

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Six Puns Day Six Hundred Seventy Eight: Ginger

Is your life lacking spice? You can cure whatever ails you. To get to the root of the problem, don’t whine, just make sure you keep your feet on the ground. Six Puns: Ginger puns? Oh snap!  

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Six Puns Day Six Hundred Seventy Seven: Museums

“Art says that in mining,  one has to exhibit a certain amount of expertise required in the field, such as drilling and boring techniques,” said the miner about his boss Arthur. “Otherwise, you’re sure to be history.” Six Puns: Contrary to … Continue reading

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Six Puns Day Six Hundred Seventy Six: Tape

“You may have ducked the last round of scotch, but I invite you to stick around for whisky and a roll,” said the host. “As far as the drinks are concerned, the bread will bring out some of the flavor … Continue reading

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Six Puns Day Six Hundred Seventy Five: Crowns

“Whether measured in calories or joules, the heat from head generator makes the air apparent from the refrigeration unit,” said the engineer. “I wouldn’t count on it for another night, though.” Six Puns: Herald in a new era (of puns).

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Six Puns Day Six Hundred Seventy Four: Mudflats

“Keep those tigers at bay, those steak dinners should bog them down for a bit,” said the Joanna Clay, the explorer. “Hopefully we can turn the tide on them for sure.” Six Puns: Tune in tomorrow for some more puns! That’s … Continue reading

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Six Puns Day Six Hundred Seventy Three: Lichen

“Could someone mention the fun Gus is missing?” asked the music teacher. “We’ve just started our rock session and we have covered all the best songs. I would liken our curriculum to that of Mozart’s teacher, who by all accounts … Continue reading

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