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Six Puns Month Seven: Eagles

“This is a golden opportunity to be crowned a victor in this martial arts competition,” said the bald karate instructor, “I hope you’re not sore, that won’t fly with the judges.” Six Puns: Words of a feather, flock toge–ah, you … Continue reading

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Six Puns Month Three: The Milky Way

There’s plenty of space for fun in your schedule, so go out to Hollywood and meet some stars. It’s a light year for movies, so if you plan it right you can take plenty of pictures, and, make the photos … Continue reading

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Six Puns Day Nine Hundred Fifty Five: The Gobi Desert

You take a few steps to a plane, and well, you’re on your way to a range of places that won’t give you the cold shoulder. Six Puns: Dry humor.

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Six Puns Day Eight Hundred Forty Six: Fire Hydrants

“Mr. and Mrs. Watt are supposed to join us for dinner, so make sure they’re pumped up about this restaurant.” said Mr. Smith. “It’s a farming-type place, so all the shovels and hoes on the walls should whet their appetite … Continue reading

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Six Puns Day Seven Hundred Ninety Three: Cribs

If you own stock, you don’t want to be caught with a side of pork if you invest in beef. Sure, that’s just a blanket statement, so but it’s great advice for the upwardly mobile. Six Puns: It’s a big harbor … Continue reading

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Six Puns Day Seven Hundred Ninety Two: Polka

“If we follow Walt’s peace accord, eons of time will pass before there will be any disturbance at a theater or play,” said the diplomat, “I think many folk will be happy with that, being able to get out of … Continue reading

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Six Puns Day Seven Hundred Ninety One: Protests

“If you can figure out the radical of this equation, you can calculate the resistance,” said the physics teacher. “You should have this figured out by March, at the latest, I mean if you want to make physics your occupation. … Continue reading

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