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Six Puns Day Seven Hundred Seventy Three: Steel

There’s no reason to mill about the school, even though you didn’t like your grades. For example, I earn plenty of cash and it has plenty of people beam with pride. But in the end, it’s about taking a good hard … Continue reading

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Six Puns Day Seven Hundred Seventy Two: Lawns

If you want to make some green, perfect your pitch and field any questions an interviewer might ask. You’ll be a cut above the rest, and have some mo’ money. Six Puns: Losing weight and looking trim.

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Six Puns Day Seven Hundred Seventy One: Napkins

Don’t fold if you can’t get that pay-per-view, fork over some more cash, and you won’t have to watch from a wrecked angle. Get some snacks and tuck in. Six Puns: Family sleepy? They must be nap kin. 

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Six Puns Day Seven Hundred Seventy: School Buses

“If you long for a hole-in-one, don’t be yellow,”  the caddy belted out, “the coach kids you when he says you can’t make it, you might just need a good driver.” Six Puns: Another round (and round) of great puns!

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Six Puns Day Seven Hundred Sixty Nine: Gravel

There’s a fine that you have to pay if you creak too close to the bank (but hey, it’s worth weathering). Six Puns: We rock!

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Six Puns Day Seven Sixty Eight: Mulberries

Bush was okay as president (even though he wouldn’t leave)–for someone who supported nuclear plants–but couldn’t hold a candle to Roosevelt and the bear he hunted, or at least that’s what I’ve read. Six Puns: Less “them”, more “us”.

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Six Puns Day Seven Hundred Sixty Seven: Shortbread

The captain regarded the cook he assigned to the ship to be quite competent. There was a flower on every table in the dining suite, and plenty of tray foil for the dishes served. This was good as they wouldn’t last … Continue reading

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