Six Puns Month One: Sandals

Seeing as I’ve been strapped for cash lately (the result of a pun tax hike), I’ve decided to stay afoot of my monetary situation by reviving this site on a monthly basis instead of having to toe the line with daily puns. So, for a sole Sunday each month, you can clog your schedule with pure pun-ly goodness!

Six Puns: The last Sun-day of your month is now a Pun-day! (Next post is April 26th).

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7 Responses to Six Puns Month One: Sandals

  1. Sixpuns!!!!!! So good to see you back!

  2. Dave says:

    Got to be comfortable in your soles so, good! If the sandal fits…..
    Welcome back!!!!!
    Going to change my respective pun page to reflect the new six puns schedule!

  3. have had many enjoyable laughs here, thanks so very much!
    thanks as well for following me. Eddie (much appreciated)

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