Six Puns Day Six Hundred: Puns (Part 2)

What do baby chickens get when they tell puns? Cheep laughs. What happens to young saplings when they hear puns? They turn fully grown. What kind of drama does a dictionary write? A play on words. When anglers tell puns they have folks reeling, and when you’re lost on a desert island you face palms

Finally, some doctors had a conference about the contents of your cranium…they thought that you had very little inside. So, what they did was shake your head and discussed. 

Six Puns Day Six Hundred…if it was the spoken word, I would have left more, but so far it’s been all write.




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5 Responses to Six Puns Day Six Hundred: Puns (Part 2)

  1. billgncs says:

    It has been just write! Congrats on being the king of pundits!

  2. Congratulations on reaching day 600!

  3. Dave says:

    My wife refers to this page as punitive & pungent. On the other hand, I say you’re one of the very few who could punt, and still always score a touchdown!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ….and there’s some punctuation to clarify.
    Accolades &TY for day 600! My wife knows nothing!

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