Six Puns Day Ten: Pizza

It’s hard to get a slice of the life of the upper crust if you don’t have the dough. For example, I threw a party at my house but my high-end guests found my settings to be unremarkable and cheesy. I, of course, disagreed with them– but to be fair, my place is kind of small and doesn’t have much room. I actually tripped over Lady Eyembeter and hurt my leg. She offered to liven up my joint, but in my anger I suggested that she pep her own knee…I guess that was kind of rude, in retrospect.


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21 Responses to Six Puns Day Ten: Pizza

  1. Anita Neuman says:

    Really? Puns every single day? I can’t tell you how happy this makes me. Please keep this up for the rest of your life.

  2. pep her own knee…LOL! Thanks for the giggle today.

  3. Md. Alsanda says:

    Thanks for passing by.

  4. 😀 Enjoyed that. Thanks!

  5. This is great, nice work! And thank you for checking out Fashion Mashie!

  6. m3lly78 says:

    haha love it! Thanks for the morning giggle 🙂

  7. Reblogged this on Queer Landia and commented:
    Puns and pizza……..OMG! Lol.

  8. Love the much room, both in your blog and on my pizzas. I’ll be back, you are brilliant :). And thanks for visiting my blog!

  9. Great, great, great! I love puns and will be back to see what you are up to-and thank you for taking the time to visit my blog!

  10. kkneifl28 says:

    This is awesome.
    I am glad that you looked at my blog…mostly because I have now found yours!

  11. Jude says:

    Ha!! Love it! I love puns. 🙂

  12. tracialaina says:

    I loooove puns!!! So excited to read your blogs, this may have just made my year! 🙂

  13. nice blog you have here and thanks for the visit.

  14. LOL, I love puns – I had to read it a couple times to catch them all, and am not sure that I did.!

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